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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Record High Set In Bridgeport

Bridgeport set a new daily record high tempeature today of 62 degrees. The previous record was 57 degrees set in 1989. Temperatures rocketed 6 degrees between 3 and 4PM. Why the big jump in temps? No one else in the state climbed more than 1-2 degrees.

The wind was blowing out of the southwest all day long. That brings air over the cooler long island sound. At 3 PM the air temp was 56. Then the wind switched directions, out of the west at 4 PM. With a westerly wind, the air never travels over any water and never cools off! That's why the temperature jumped so suddenly.

Hartford did not break any records. The record of 67 degrees set back in 1989, still stands.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel - 1352 is 1:52 pm and 1452 is 2:52pm, if this is military time you are talking about and not a weather time thing. : )