Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Im Back Monday!

After three months of maternity leave, I'm coming back to work on Monday.  But I'm not the same person I was when I left.  I'm the proud mommy of a beautiful baby boy and I've never been happier!

I always thought being a meteorologist was one of the toughest jobs in the world. But that all changed three months ago when we had our son Andon. Being a parent is the most challenging job in the planet!

Here's a secret...I did not experience love at first sight when I met my son. I was scared out of my mind. This little guy was so sweet and helpless. And I was so clueless. I had never changed a diaper before.  I never babysat.  How would I know when to feed or bathe or change him? I didn't want to break this delicate creature!

Flash forward 3 months later and the transformation amazes me.   Not only can I change diapers but I can do them in my sleep (really, I have). I'm not clueless anymore either! I know if Andon is crying after a meal he probably just needs to be burped. If Andon is fussing around 4pm, he's probably just tired. And I know to enjoy every big goofy smile because he's growing and changing so fast! While every parent has fears, they no longer overwhelm me. When I look at Andon I'm overwhelmed with love. 

Coming back to work is bittersweet. I love my job!! I miss forecasting the weather (and having conversations that don't revolve around poop).  But I will also miss spending precious time with my baby. Luckily I still have each morning with him before heading to work.  It's all about finding that balance!

People ask me if I feel like I missed out this winter since the weather was so wild. No way! It was great enjoying all the storms at home with my family. I normally never get to relax and look out  the window when a storm is rolling in. But I'm excited to get back in the action again. Flooding and severe weather season is around the corner!

I might be a little rusty but I'll see you Monday at 5, 10 & 11!

Look at how much he has grown!  This is Andon a few days after birth compared to 3 months!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Meet Andon Allan!

On 12/23 at 1:08 am after 30+ hours of labor I got to meet my son Andon Allan! My big boy weighed in at 8 lbs, 1 oz, 19". And I love him with every cell in my body. 

It wasn't long after we said "I do" that Aram and I decided to embark on the biggest life adventure of all. Being parents.

We giggled after reading the pregnancy test. It didn’t seem real, but 5 additional tests confirmed our lives would change forever.

Were we having a child or a fruit salad? Websites compared our growing baby to a poppy seed and a kumquat (what the heck is that??).  At 15 weeks, it was time to find out if our little apple was a he or a she.  With the rapid weight gain, everyone was convinced the baby’s room would get painted pink.  They were wrong (except Aram and his Grandmother).  I just needed to slow down with the pizza...Maybe next year.

Baby boy was a pleasure to carry all 39 weeks. He never made mommy sick. And despite his natural affinity for Kung foo, he didn’t damage any vital organs. Only one problem…with my constant stuffy nose Aram did have to cope with sleeping next to “Darth Vader”.

We're naming baby boy Andon Allan. The initials AA are a tradition in Aram’s family. Andon means “priceless” and Allan is the first name of my grandfather, Aram’s Dad and my Dad’s middle name

Welcome Andon. We feel overwhelmingly excited and lucky to be your parents and guide you through this wild world.

Friday, December 19, 2014

I'm Going On Maternity Leave!

I'm sorry (and happy) to say today is my last day of work before having baby boy. On Monday I'll be 39 weeks pregnant so he can't be too far away now (at least I hope not). I'll keep you in the loop with baby updates and occasional weather posts. Matt Scott will continue on his regular schedule and Dan Amarante will rock my shift.  I'm hoping for a few big storms this winter that I can enjoy from home with my little bambino instead of running around like crazy at work. Is that terrible of me? 
Baby gifts & card from my FOXCT family.
Feeling lucky to be surrounded by so much support and love!

Not Bad For Last Minute Holiday Shoppers!

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows: 20-25.

Tomorrow: A mix of sun and clouds. High: mid 30s to around 40 degrees.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, chance for a rain or snow shower in spots. High: mid 30s to around 40 degrees.

Monday: Mostly cloudy. High: lower 40s.

Tuesday: Cloudy with some showers. High: middle 40s.

Wednesday: Rain, some heavy with gusty winds. High: lower to middle 50s.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nice Last Few Days Of Autumn

Weather Headlines:

  • Cooler but brighter Friday and Saturday.
  • Not so bad Sunday. Chance for a rain/snow shower in spots.
  • Wet and wild Christmas Eve with a rain and wind storm.
Forecast Details:

Tonight: Slowly clearing. Low: 20-25

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy, less wind than recent days. High: middle 30s to around 40 degrees.

Saturday: Sunny and pleasant. High: upper 30s to lower 40s.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, chance for some light rain/snow showers. High: mid 30s to around 40 degrees.

Monday: Cloudy, chance for a shower in spots. High: lower 40s.

Tuesday: Cloudy, chance for a few showers. High: lower to middle 40s.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cooler & Brighter

An early look at the X-mas Eve Super Soaker!
Still 7 days out so a lot can change...
The next several days will trend cooler but brighter.  While some light rain/snow returns on Sunday, I’m not anticipating a big storm. This is great news for people hitting the roads/running holiday errands this weekend.

Anyone dreaming of a white Christmas? Christmas Eve could be stormy. But it looks wet NOT white! Heavy rain, gusty winds...not the type of weather to get you in the mood for the holidays. At least you don't have to shovel rain...

Tonight: Chance for a rain or snow shower in spots. Mostly cloudy. Low: 30-35.

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy, not as mild. High: low to mid 40s.

Friday: Mostly sunny. High: mid 30s to around 40 degrees.

Saturday: Sunny and pleasant. High: upper 30s to lower 40s.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, chance for some light rain/snow showers. High:  mid 30s to around 40 degrees.

Monday: Cloudy, chance for a shower in spots. High: low 40s.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

38 Weeks Preggers

I'm really hoping that the best symptom of pregnancy hits me soon.  NESTING!!  What is it like to feel an overwhelming desire to clean and organize your home?  Lately my days consist of waking up, walking to the couch, watching TV, taking a nap and then going to work. OK hormones...we're running out of time. Get it together!

Wet Tonight, Warm Wednesday

Rain develops tonight out ahead of Wednesday’s warm up.  Early morning showers on Wednesday (before 8 am) will give way to a mild afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. High temperatures will approach 50 degrees in some towns! But the warmth only lasts for one day.  We slowly start chipping away at the high temperature for the remainder of the week.  By Thursday highs are in the middle 40s.  By Friday and Saturday high temperatures will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s.

One Scenario for Sunday (12Z ECMWF)
There is still a chance for some rain and/or snow on Sunday from a wave of low pressure staying well southeast of New England. An easterly wind blowing off the relatively milder ocean means rain is most likely (if anything) for the shore and a mix inland. For now it also looks like a weak storm which means less precipitation.  5 days out this is all still very much up in the air.  The storm could miss entirely.  Or it could intensify more and track closer to the coast.  So take all my latest thoughts with a grain of salt. Every day that we get closer to the event, we'll get a better handle on everything.

Tonight: Rain developing. Low: 33-40.

Tomorrow: Chance for an early morning shower (before 8 AM) and an afternoon shower (after 2 PM). A mix of clouds and sun, mild. High: mid 40s to around 50 degrees.

Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny, not as mild. High: lower to middle 40s.

Friday: Mostly sunny. High: near 40 degrees.

Saturday: Sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant. High: upper 30s and lower 40s.

Sunday: Chance for rain and snow from a coastal storm.  Still a lot of uncertainty. High: upper 30s and low 40s.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Clouds Return. MILD Midweek!

An onshore flow will bring in moisture off the ocean tonight.  That means clouds will thicken up and there is a slight chance we could squeeze out some mist or drizzle in spots.  Normally  I don't care too much about a few rain drops.  But with temps below freezing I worry about a few slippery spots heading into Tuesday morning.  It's a small chance, but worth telling you about just in case.

Clouds will win out Tuesday with a warm front approaching at night.  This will being a better chance for widespread showers (no snow or anything frozen). Behind the front temperatures will soar on Wednesday, climbing into the mid 40s to around 50 degrees.  Cooler air moves in later this week.

We're keeping a close eye on Sunday.  Some of our computer models are hinting at a coastal storm that could bring some rain or snow to the area.  I don't care what you read about this one from other online sources.  It's way too early for specifics.  Most of our guidance shows this storm remaining mainly or entirely out to sea with just a glancing blow possible.  But 5 days out we still need to keep an eye on it!  It's worth watching and we'll keep you posted.

Tonight: Increasing clouds. Chance for freezing drizzle in spots. Low: 25-30.

Tomorrow: Lots of clouds, chance for drizzle in parts of the state. Showers move in late in the day and at night. High temperatures in the lower 40s.

Wednesday: Chance for an early morning shower (before 8 AM) and an afternoon shower (after 2 PM). A mix of clouds and sun, mild. High temperatures in the mid to upper 40s inland, near 50 degrees for the shore.

Thursday: Mostly sunny, not as mild. High temperatures in the lower 40s.

Friday: Mostly sunny. High temperatures around 40 degrees.

Saturday: Sunny to partly cloudy and pleasant. High temperatures in the upper 30s and lower 40s.

Friday, December 12, 2014

37.5 Weeks Preggers

I have to admit, it's getting really hard to focus on work at this point!
  • The baby is in position...head down.
  • The baby's room is all set up.
  • I have read enough baby books to successfully overloaded my brain with contradictory parenting advice!

With Poppy Boo when he visited in September
We had a little scare last week.  During our last ultrasound the Doctor noticed some fluid around baby boy's kidney (which could mean some kind of a blockage or defect).  The fancy term they threw around was "renal pelvic dilation".  My Doctor told me not to worry.  She said his kidneys were working because there was plenty of fluid around the baby and in his bladder (which means they were producing urine).

But immediately after a I left the Doctor's office I found myself frantically searching the internet for the worst case scenario.  My son isn't born yet and I have already had sleepless nights worrying about him. To make a long story short, he's fine!  We saw a specialist who confirmed it was a really mild case and likely just a natural variation that would go away with time. HALLELUJAH! I have never seen my husband so worried and so relieved.  He's going to be a great Daddy.

My Grandfather (Poppy Boo) has flown in from Las Vegas for the second time in two decades. Upon landing he called my cell and said "OK, I give you permission to have the baby now!"

We're all ready for you Baby A. As ready as we'll ever be....