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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update on Wednesday-Thursday

I’m waiting for this crazy NASCAR race to end. I’m starting to get loopy!! But I had a chance to check the 00Z model runs! My thinking has not changed. BUT I wanted to write a less technical discussion for the people who don’t like reading the geekiness from my previous blog post.

Timing:Wednesday morning will be dry for the commute with snow breaking out in the afternoon everywhere, continuing into the evening commute. Snow will change to rain along the shoreline Wednesday night around or after the commute. Snow will change to a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain inland Wednesday night. Then a lingering light wintry mix will continue into Thursday.

Accumulations: Right now I’m thinking 1”-4. If the NAM is right (which I think is a hair too cold, 2”-5” will verify). Not a lot of snow but the arrival time will be less than ideal with roads deteriorating during the afternoon and evening.

Yesterday it looked like we could get additional snow on Thursday with a secondary coastal storm taking over. But the latest model runs show that storm takes too long to intensify. So that’s why I think we still see a light wintry mix but little or no accumulation on the back end. Thursday morning could be a little sloppy. But I’m more worried about Wednesday night.

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