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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ski Connecticut!

Skiers and snowboarders are bummed. Connecticut didn’t get a powder day. But don’t take it out on the local mountains! They’re ready for you with or without natural snow. Yesterday I went to Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall to snowboard with my college friend Ryan Hanrahan (also NBC meteorologist). He’s a skier. But we can forgive him for that. ;)

Weekdays at Mohawk it only costs $20 for a four hour pass to! Are you kidding me? That’s a better deal than the dollar menu at McDonalds!

I felt like a movie star who rented a mountain for the day to escape the paparazzi. It was empty. Every 20 chairs on the lift carried a person.

And how was the powder, you ask? PERFECT! Nicely groomed packed powder. I’m sure part of the reason the snow was so nice is because the mountain was empty. I started snowboarding last year so ice can really ruin my day. I fall a lot, much to Ryan’s amusement. But there was no ice. The snow got a little wetter towards the end of the day but I didn’t mind it. With sunny skies and temps in the 40s, it felt like spring skiing! Ryan called it a bluebird day, whatever that means. I don’t have the lingo down yet.

Anyway, my point of writing you this is to tell you to give your state ski resorts a chance. They’re working hard to stay in business. This year is tough on them because everyone who wants to ski immediately heads north. But if you like the luxury of having a local mountain on a good snowy year, you have to help keep them in business on a crappy snow year like this one.

Check out some of the local mountains:
Mohawk Mountain – I’ve been twice and loved it both times! Yesterday we explored the whole mountain. Nice wide open trails for those like me who are afraid of trees.

Ski Sundown – Last year I went here the most, maybe 5-6 times! Great place to learn how to ski/snowboard. Great location. So if you wake up late like me, you can still get a full day in. They also have night skiing.

Mount Southington- I have never been here. But Sarah Grant, web producer at FOX CT likes it for the location and easy trails to help work on improving your skills. They also have night skiing.

Woodbury Ski Area – Never been! Let me know how it is!

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