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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heat Continues, Storms Monday PM

A broken line of showers and thunder originating in New York will approach this evening. A few towns could see a brief shower, mainly in western Connecticut. But most locations will stay dry tonight with partly cloudy skies and temperatures dropping into the low and middle 60s.

Monday will start off sunny and mild with temperatures soaring into the 80s to near 90 degrees. An approaching cold front will trigger scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening (2pm-5pm). Any storm that develops could be strong or severe with large hail, lightning and damaging winds. The Storm Prediction Center has outlined a slight risk of severe weather for our area.
The front will usher in less humid air for Tuesday with plenty of sunshine. Showers and clouds are likely Wednesday with a disturbance spinning through. Thursday and Friday look dry and pleasant!

Frizz factor: 7 tomorrow, eh. But only for one day! Good hair days return Tuesday which scores a pleasant 3 on the FF.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Tornado In MA. NWS Estimates 90-100 MPH Winds!

After investigating the damage in Massachusettes, the NWS determined that a microbust caused the damage in the Wilbraham and Springfield areas in Hampden County on Tuesday. No tornado this time. A funnel cloud was spotted, but it never touched down.

A microburst is a fast moving column of sinking air that comes down from a cloud. When that air hits the ground, it spreads out in all directions. Microbursts can cause extensive damage and can sometimes look like tornado damage. In this case the winds reached speeds of 90-100 mph!!

Here is the NWS report (Click to enlarge):

NWS Investigating Damage in Hampden County, MA

Severe Storms July 26 Spark Tornado Warnings In CT

A cold front moving northwest from NY state triggered severe thunderstorms last night between 4:30 PM-6:00 PM.

At 4:17 PM a rotating cell in Easthampton, MA produced a funnel cloud which was reported by trained spotters. As the cell moved south, crossing over the Mass Pike, another funnel cloud (or the same one) was reported in West Springfield at 4:30 PM. I should mention, a funnel cloud is not a tornado. When a funnel cloud touches the ground, only then is it considered a tornado. So far, there are no tornado reports. But it's certainly possible. The NWS is investigating the damage.

This cell with a history of producing a funnel cloud was moving right of the mean wind field. What does this mean? Well, while most of the storms were moving east, this one was heading southeast. That’s one of many indications that the storm was dangerous. Most supercells are right movers. This tendency is the result of differences in barometric pressure that develop as vertical wind shear interacts with the storm's updraft.

The storm was heading for Tolland and Windham Counties and the rotation was still strong. A tornado warning was issued for the northern portion of the two CT counties. No funnel clouds were reported within CT state borders but it continued to rotate and a line of severe storms was developing across northern Connecticut.

4:44: Windsor Locks (Hartford Co.) reported sustained winds of 41 mph.

4:51: Enfield (Hartford Co.) - Wind damage. Large branches down on
Spring Street near Suffield Line. Wires down on Tayor Road.

Look at the cell just north of Tolland County. Notice the yellow and blue colors in close proximity showing rotation.

5:05: Manchester (Hartford Co.) - Wind Damage. Many wires down.

5:16: Rockville (Tolland Co.) - 1 foot of flooding on Union Street. Intersection of West Street & West Main Street impassable.

5:25: Columbia (Tolland Co.)- Wind Damage. Tree down of Route 66.

5:25: Columbia (Tolland Co.) – Lightning. House fire started by lightning on Old Willimantic Road.

5:30: Windham (Windham Co.) - Wind Damage. Trees down in South Windham. Large branch down on steps of town hall.

5:30: Rotation was no longer present in the supercell and the National Weather Service did not re-issue another tornado warning. I mentioned that the rotation was no longer present live during severe weather coverage around 5:20. A strong line of storms continued to rip through the state with Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued for every county (except Fairfield).

5:32: Willimantic (Windham Co.) - Numerous trees and wires down on a few homes. Rubber membrance roof blown off apartment house landing on Bridge street. Worst hit area was Pleasant street (according to the Fire Dept.). Trees down on Route 6 and Mackey Road. Large branches down on Riverside Drive.

6:00: New London: Wind Damage.

The severe weather moved completely offshore around 6:40 PM. But scattered non-severe storms continued in Fairfield County.

Again, there were no tornado reports in CT or MA. BUT there are lots of damage reports from gusty winds. Some of the hardest hit areas in Mass and CT were likely caused by microbursts. A microburst is a fast coming column of air rushing down from a cloud and spreading out in a hurry. Sometimes damage from microbursts can be confused with tornado damage. I’m sure the National Weather Service will be investigating some of the damage just to make sure (mainly in MA).

Jennifer Lahmers & James Bosworth Wedding

It was magical! There is no other way to describe it!

The wedding was at Tehama Golf Club, a private, invitation only sanctuary in the hills of Carmel, California. When you go there, you understand why owner Clint Eastwood visited and never left, purchasing the entire property. Deers gracefully dance around your car, unafraid as you drive down the winding road on the property. And I have realized that not all sunlight is created equal. You know that golden filter the sun casts on everything right before it sets? Well in Carmel it looks like the sun in setting all day. A golden haze shines on everything giving the lush green fields and mountains a surreal touch. The air is crisp, dry and tastes fresh and untouched. As a meteorologist, this next sight was especially cool to me. Below you, fog in the valleys floats and swirls like black ice in a cauldron at a childhood Halloween party. I kept thinking…DAMN, I am so lucky to be here.

GETTING READYIf a reality show filmed us prepping, hoping to find drama or Bridezilla moments, the show would be canceled. Jennifer was calm and sweet and genuinely excited for her big day. We got ready in a suite fit for a king. I mean…they had heated towel racks, enough said. Two hair and makeup artists came to beautify us. We ate food, took pics, drank mimosas, finished table arrangements, curled hair, and joked about how JLa would now have to be called JBo. By the way, Jennifer doesn’t take a bad picture. It’s really annoying.

Everything was going according to plan until I saw a man enter the room. JAMIE! The groom! The bridesmaids all sprung into alert mode, wrapping curtains around the bride who was getting ready outside. If he wanted to see her, he would have to get through us…a wall of three 110 lb blondes. Hey, we might be small but I wasn’t afraid to mess up my fake eyelashes if I had to. Jamie just went about his business, not understanding the gravity of the situation. “Just getting my tie”. Then he was gone. Crisis averted. Time flew. The wedding was about to start.


The wedding was a perfect length. NBC’s The Voice winner Javier Colon began with the song “Time After Time”. Then the bridesmaids began their walk down the aisle. Don’t walk too fast, smile, don’t fall. Why was I nervous? Even though I spent all afternoon with Jennifer and she still took my breath away walking down the aisle. Tears came to Jamie’s eyes. No pre fabbed vows at this wedding! But Jennifer did write her vows ahead of time because, as she joked, a journalist always needs her script!

Jennifer spoke about how she not only fell in love with Jamie, but also his two boys. The boys (already little men wise beyond their years) were involved in the ceremony too! Vials of sand from different local beaches and golf courses were presented to each member of the new family, representing their individuality. Then the sand is combined symbolizing unity. The sand can never be separated.

Then to end the wedding, “You may kiss the bride.” OK…was I watching a movie or something? Jamie dipped Jennifer back and…lets’s just say it was the most passionate wedding kiss I’ve ever seen! The flower girl covered her eyes (see pic above) and Jennifer gasped and held her veil to make sure she wasn’t falling apart during the whole production.


Dress: 1. Bridesmaides: 0.

Let me explain. Javier Colon was prepared to sing for the couple’s first dance. But after winning the voice, his schedule got a little tight. The first dance needed to happen ASAP so Javier could catch a flight back to NYC to record an album. What kind of an excuse is that? ;) With the rush, the bridemaids had no time to bustle Jenn’s 45 pound flowing dress. The result was initially horrifying. Jamie and Jennifer danced, while kicking the dress between dips and twirls. Please don’t fall. Please don’t trip. But it was actually endearing. I think someone got the whole dance on camera. It’s so funny, I’m thinking this could go viral.

Overall, the event was magical. Here I am with some of my best friends, in Clint Eastwood’s resort, in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen, watching two people start the rest of their lives together.

More Photos By Geoff Fox

Really Geoff? You have the camera AGAIN!? Hehe.

The wrinkles on my face are from worrying about the weather forecast. LOL.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fighting Cancer

I became very involved in Penn State Dance Marathon during college. The marathon (48 hours, no sitting, no sleeping, no kidding!) benefits families fighting pediatric cancer and research. Ashley was our sponsor child and is a healthy beautiful girl...on the way to becoming a woman! Love you Ash. So proud of you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heat Wave Ended Today!

You made it through the heat wave. Congrats! You have another three days until temperatures get near 90 degrees again. And notice I said NEAR 90. Not 90s, not 100s. Much better.

Temperatures finally got cooler today.

Saturday's High: 98 (Hartford), 96 (Bridgeport, new daily record high)
Sunday's High: 84 (Hartford), 86 (Bridgeport)

Tomorrow the cooldown continues with highs in the upper 70s and low 80s...below average! A southeasterly flow will pump moisture into the air providing partly to mostly cloudy skies. An approaching front could trigger a few showers or thunderstorms, mainly late in the afternoon and tomorrow night. Tuesday morning clouds will give way to sunshine and warmer temperatures. Wednesday will be sunny and comfortable with a brief break from the humidity. Temperatures get back up near 90 Thursday-Saturday.

Friday, July 22, 2011

All Time Record Breaking Heat!

So I'm at Misquamicut beach today boogie boarding with the 12 year-olds and all I can think about is how I'm missing the record heat in Connecticut! Yeah, I'm a dork. Geoff Fox was sending me temperature updates on my blackberry while I worked on adding some color to my pale, nearly translucent skin.

Today's high temperature at Bradley International Airport was 103 degrees, setting the all time record high temperature for Hartford! The previous record of 102 degrees was set multiple times including July 2010, August 2001, and July 1996. We also broke the daily record high temperature of 101 degrees, set back in 1926.

Even more impressive, Bridgeport also hit 103 degrees. This ties the all time record high temperature in Bridgeport, last set in 1957. This also ties the daily record high temperature.

WHY was it so hot? 850 mb temperatures were about as high as they get around here, around 23C a strong northwesterly wind. When winds blow from that direction, they downslope off the Litchfield hills. As air flows down in elevation it warms at a rate of 5.5F per 1,000 ft. A NW wind is the only scenario where the shoreline temperatures can match inland temps in the summer.

The all time state record is 106 degrees in Danbury, set on July 15, 1995. But many meteorologists believe that's an error caused by a temperature reading.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave Peaks Friday!

Our five day heat wave peaks today (Friday)! Temperatures will approach triple digits in some towns. The record at Windsor Locks today is 101 degrees, set back in 1926! Morning fog will burn away revealing hazy sunshine. A weak front passing through this morning will cause dewpoints to drop throughout the day. That means the air will feel less humid during the afternoon. But heat indices will still reach into the 100’s statewide! Tonight will remain mild with one more day in the 90s tomorrow.


Promo Shoot

We're shooting promos in front of the green screen and I think they're going to blow your mind!! I know the words "promo" and "blow your mind" don't normally go together. BUT our promotions department shot these really cool timelapse videos from all over the state. Then we are going to be superimposed in front of them. Since the time lapse also moves, the shot of us also has to move in the same way to make it look like we're in the location...ummm....traveling through time? This will all be clear when you finally see the promo! For now, here are a few pics from the shoot today.

Geoff and I keep joking that this looks like a bad prom photo.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat & Humidity Combo Peak Tomorrow

I have adjusted my heat indices for the next few days.
Humidity peaks tomorrow, and heat peaks Friday! On Thursday the combination of heat and humidity will make it feel like up to 106 degrees. Even though it will be warmer on Friday, the dewpoint will drop significantly throughout the day. So it will not feel as hot. Friday will be more of a dry heat.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Forecast & Heat Indicies Next 3 Days

This is for Windsor Locks/Greater Hartford area

The Heat Is On!

Our five day heat wave started today and the worst heat is yet to come! Thursday and Friday will feature a dangerous combination of heat and humidity. And I don’t use the word “dangerous” loosely. An excessive heat watch is in effect for Hartford, Tolland and Windham Counties for heat indicies of 105 degrees or greater. Actual temps will be in the mid and upper 90s inland (maybe even triple digits). Stay cool! You know the drill, wear light colored loose fitting clothing, drink plenty of liquids (water, not beer/soda, sorry) and avoid prolonged exposure in the sun. Also, make sure your pets have access to plenty of water. Personal doggie floatation devices optional. ;)

Thanks to my facebook buddy Chris Z. and dog Cinder for the P.S.A.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Heat Wave Brewing

The temperature today at Bradley International airport reached 89 degrees. So today will not fall within heat wave criteria (three or more days with temps 90+). But don't fret! We have five days in a row of 90+ degree heat on the way! I included a computer model for your viewing pleasure above. I highlighted the daily high and low temperatures in yellow. Yeah...triple digits are possible by Friday.

Two rows below temperature, you can find the dewpoint. Whenever the dewpoint is above 70 degrees, the air feels soupy, uncomfortable, steamy and oppressive. Notice tomorrow the dewpoint will drop and remain at comfortable levels through Wednesday. But Thursday and Friday...WOAH. Dewpoints in the low 70s?! Not fun. For those days the combination of high heat and humidity will send heat indices into the triple digits. The heat index is a measure of how hot it feels when you're outside (much like the wind chill in the winter). The Frizz Factor for those days will be an 11....on a scale of 1-10.

I stole this chart from a website. You can find lots of different charts out there. But this will give you a rough idea of how the dewpoint affects your comfort level.

Video Proof Of My Athleticism

Make sure you watch the end for my victory dance! This video was taken at the WFSB/FOX CT Softball showdown this weekend. Read the blog post below for more details.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

FOX CT Softball Team With The Win!

Yesterday I took part in a charitable showdown on the baseball diamond against our friendly rivals WFSB. I don’t mean to brag but WE WON 18-3!! The game was played at Millwood Park in Wethersfield.

I met Bruce DePrest for the first time as he was pitching to me! It was hilarious waving to him from home plate! Nice to meet you, please don’t throw me a curve ball. I was so nervous. I haven’t hit a softball in 5+ years and EVERYONE was watching (FOX, WFSB, fans, and TV cameras). I also got to meet Mark Dixon and Scott Haney. Everyone was really nice! And Scott Haney was being Scott Haney announcing over the microphone halfway through the game “everyone notice my batting is as accurate as my forecasts, 100%”.

I had three hits and one run. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to score a point for my team. They started to get really competitive at the end! I played 2nd base and right field. But ONLY because we were required to have three women in each inning. I didn't get those positions because of my baseball skills!

OH…almost forgot one of the coolest parts of the day! Fans were asking us local “celebs” to sign their softballs. I felt so special. I also had the pleasure to talk with some viewers. One woman told me I seem very “hippy” on TV. At first I thought she was talking about peace love and happiness. But then she told me I seem much thinner in person. I guess the camera really does add 15 pounds.

Real Summer Heat This Week!!

This will be the hottest week of summer to date! In other words…you will be sweating (or um, glistening) all week. Humidity will increase on Monday making it feel muggy and uncomfortable. The morning will start off partly sunny and very warm. A cold front will approach during the afternoon triggering scattered thunderstorms. Some storms could be strong or severe with heavy rain and damaging winds. The threat for thunder continues into this evening. The front washes away the humidity on Tuesday, but not for long. Heat and humidity peak again Thursday and Friday! Some locations could top out in the upper 90s!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forecast From 7/13 & Rainbow Chaser Bob Cox


Forecast and hardcore RAINBOW CHASER Bob Cox! He does the radio forecasts for WTIC NewsTalk 1080 and sent me this video. I had to share. If the video above gets deleted by our webmaster, you can view it separately below.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Best Of Summer!

Summer in New England doesn’t get much better than this! A broad area of high pressure will take over providing several days of sunshine, low humidity and comfortable temperatures. Wednesday morning will be refreshing with temperatures starting in the 50s for many areas. The afternoon will not be as warm as recent days with temps staying in the upper 70s to low 80s. Tomorrow night will feature great sleeping weather, so you can open your windows and give the air conditioner a break. Summer heat returns Saturday and humidity makes a comeback Sunday.
The image above (click to enlarge) is from a forecasting tool called the BUFKIT. The red and green colors represent relattive humidity over 80%. Notice the timeline on the bottom is backwards (you read from right to left). The squiggly multicolor line shows CAPE or Convective Available Potential Energy. CAPE gives us instability. Overall...on this image you see a lot of dry air and no chance for storms until Monday night. Gotta love July!

Record Heat!

Bridgeport set a new daily record high temperature yesterday of 95 degrees! The old record was 94 degrees, set in 1966.

No broken record in Hartford. The high was 92 degrees with a record of 97 (1966).

How was Bridgeport milder than Hartford? A northwest wind will do it everytime. We call that a landbreeze. A seabreeze is more typical in summer with wind blowing over the water. A seabreeze is the reason shoreline locations are usually cooler than inland areas in the warm months.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Heat, Humidity Peaks Tomorrow!

Hot, sultry, sweaty, "I can't live without my air-conditoning" weather continues for one more day. The combination of heat and humidity will send heat indices into the upper 90s to near 100 degrees tomorrow (Tuesday). Actual temperatures will range from 87-94 degrees. An approaching cold front will likely trigger a few showers and storms. Any storm that develops could be strong with heavy rain, frequent lightning and damaging winds.

The storm prediction center still has CT under a slight risk of severe weather. But when I looked at the model data today, it looked like the front is moving in before the peak heating of the day. That means the front may not be around to act as a widespread trigger for strong storms. BUT there is still a lot of instability tomorrow afternoon. So even though a few storms could pop up and become strong, they will be hit or miss.

No need to cancel outdoor plans, just keep an eye on the sky. Any storms should end early tomorrow night. The rest of the week looks AMAZING with low humidity, lots of sun, and comfortable weather. If you're on vacation this week, you got lucky!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Days of Heat...Strong Storm Potential Tuesday PM

Get ready to sweat! Temperatures will skyrocket into the 80s/low 90s Monday with increasing humidity. Grab your sunglasses with partly sunny skies. An isolated late day shower or thunderstorm is possible. But most of the state will stay dry so don’t cancel outdoor plans. Tuesday looks warmer and more humid out ahead of a cold front. The front will trigger scattered showers and thunderstorms, some of which could be strong to severe. The afternoon/evening will be the most active timeframe.

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has put CT in the “slight risk” category as seen to the left.

Looking at the BUFKIT (a weather forecasting tool), Bradley Intl. Airport has a lifted index of -5 which indicates moderate instability. I included screen shot of the data I'm referencing below. There are over 1,900 J/kg of CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy) which again indicates moderate instability. A peak Bulk Richardson number (shear measurement) of 92 indicates the potential for significant supercells.

No reason to run for the hills. We'll keep an eye on it for you, as usual! Behind the front, cooler, drier weather starts moving in Wednesday.