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Friday, February 24, 2012

1"-4" All The Way To The Shore. WOW!

Waking up to another busted forecast. Lovely. Here's what we got right: the timing of the storm, the impact (it would be fast moving but would hit during the commute). There would be slippery spots and school delays. Then we forecast conditions would improve as temperatures climbed above freezing. That was all true.

Here's what we got wrong. Snow accumulations were higher than expected, especially along the shoreline!! A few hours of mesoscale banding and heavy snow was enough to stick...even after a 50-60 degree day! Impressive! Sorry if my forecast ruined any part of your day. I saw some banding potential last night and gave it a quick mention. I guess I should have emphasized the uncertainty more. I never would have made a forecast map that had 4" down to the shoreline!

Map of snow totals

It's interesting to get feedback from viewers. I have received e-mails thanking me for getting the forecast right and others making fun of meteorologists. I hate the second kind.

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