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Friday, June 25, 2010



There was a brief touchdown on Main Street, Nichols Street and Cedar Street, one block North of I-95.

Estimated Time: 2:30
EF-Scale Rating: EF1
Estimated Wind Speed: 100 mph
Path Width: 100 Yards
Path length: 0.15 miles

The damage reported in Easton and Trumbull was associated with straight line wind damage and is not consistent with damage created by a tornado.

National Weather Service Investigating Bridgeport Tornado

The National Weather Service Storm Damage Survey Team has been deployed across the Bridgeport area in Connecticut today. They released this statement:

“In response to the severe thunderstorms that occurred on ThursdayJune 24th...the NWS in New York, NY has dispatched a Storm DamageSurvey Team today. This team will work with emergency management toAssess the degree of damage and determine whether a tornado touchedDown in the Bridgeport area. This team will investigate the damageIn Bridgeport...Easton...Trumbull...and Stratford...whereSubstantial damage was reported. Another public informationStatement will be issued from this office when the team has reportedin.”
We should know the results tonight by the news at 10.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bridgeport Storms, Tornado?

A fast-moving line of storms containing a supercell left a path of destruction through Bridgeport. The damage was so extensive, Bridgeport declared a state of emergency. After the storm 30,000 people were without power statewide. Sikorsky Airport in Bridgeport reported wind gusts up to 78 mph which may be the strongest gust since Hurricane Gloria. Trees were snapped in half or uprooted, a billboard fell on top of a building and the old Stratfield Hotel has also partially collapsed.

The National Weather Service will be investigating the damage on Friday. They will determine if destruction from the severe weather was caused by a tornado or straight line winds. Straight-line wind damage will push debris in the same direction the wind is blowing (hence the creation of the term straight-line). Tornado damage will scatter the debris in a variety of different directions since the winds of a tornado are rotating violently.
Here is a great link explaining/showing the evaluation process.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can find home videos of the storm passing through.

Here is a collection of YouTube videos I found:

This one is just entertaining...not for kids (obscenities)

The storm damage is incredible, check out this video:

My storm re-cap:

Narmeen reports on the city response to the storm:

Outtage Updates:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Severe Threat

The Storm Prediction Center has indicated a 'moderate' risk of severe weather today with a 10% probability of a tornado. A tornado watch is in effect statewide through 8 PM. The more sun we see this afternoon, the greater the threat for severe weather. The greatest threat with storms today will be damaging winds! I'll keep you posted!

Severe Storrms Saturday

11,000 people were left without power after a nasty supercell passed through northern Hartford County moving south and east into Tolland County late yesterday afternoon. There were many reports of downed trees and power lines with wind gusts at 60 mph at Bradley Intl. airport. But looking at damage reports, gusts could have been even higher than that. My friend Ryan Hanrahan from NBC30 sent me a time lapse from BDL when a microburst came through!

Here's my storm re-cap from last night with a sneak peak to Sunday:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Staycation Scams

A growing number of people are renting vacation properties instead of fancy hotel rooms. But buyer beware... 

Arrested Three Times in 48 Hours

A West Hartford man was arrested three times in 48 hours on domestic violence charges. This happened in a nice neighboorhood with what seems like a good guy/father that lost control. There's no excuse...but it goes to show you that domestic violence happens everywhere, in every income class to people of every race.

Not Vet Left Behind

Amazing people! This store in Ansonia is about veterans helping veterans. I had the chills all day there because everyone who works/volunteers at the store has such an amazing heart. Extend a helping hand if you can! They really need a van to help move donations around! (They also need a bigger store because it's packed with donations.)

Here's their website: No Vet Left Behind