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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mild Start Before Winter Returns

Tonight will be chilly with clear skies and temperatures plummeting into the teens and twenties. After a cold start to the day tomorrow, you can shed some layers in the afternoon. A southwest breeze at ten to twenty miles per hour will pump in mild air. Temperatures will once again crack the fifty degree mark! Morning sun will mix with afternoon clouds. Tuesday will be breezy and cooler with plenty of sunshine and temperatures returning to the forties. Then after a mild start to the week, winter returns! Prepare for a long duration storm on Wednesday and Thursday with a mix of snow, sleet and rain. The track of the storm will determine how much snow we get. This doesn’t look like a big snow maker. But no matter what happens it looks like two messy travel days.


Anonymous said...

is it one continuous storm or is there a break in between and a new storm on thurs? Also u dont see much chance of it escallating to a 8/10/12" event?

Rachel said...

Two storms. No I don't see this escallating to a big snow event for us. Too much warm air mixing in at the mid levels of the atmosphere.