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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Victim Of Chimp Attack Files Lawsuit

The victim, Charla Nash, DID NOT HAVE HEALTH insurance. So when Nash sues for $50-million, she may actually need half that money to pay for medical bills. But can Sandra Herold, the chimps owner really fork up millions of dollars? Even if she owns four properties in Stamford...I doubt it. I guess we'll find out during the April 13th hearing.

Here's some "inside" information! I went to Sandra Herold's house today and the gate was locked with a new security system installed. A Stamford Cop told me off the record that Inside Edition was creeping around in her backyard! Clearly, they were trespassing. Some other reporters were speculating that Nash had a PHYSICAL relationship with the chimp (Travis)! When Herold said she "slept" with Travis, I believe some people took that a little too literally. Come on! No wonder she will not answer questions anymore! Before reporters hype up their story, maybe they should get the facts before they ruin people's lives. Herold has enough on her plate knowing that her pet mauled and nearly killed one of her good friends.

If you want to help Nash's family by donating or if you want updates on her progress at the Cleveland Clinic, click here.

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