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Monday, March 9, 2009

Lammers Vs. Lahmmers

I made a nice cameo appearance in this story singing "Summer Lovin'" except Tim sings Sandy's part and I sing John Travolta's part....Also stay tuned to the very end to see our guest judge commentary!


Droucy said...

I really enjoyed this segment and am looking forward to the rest. I think when it's all said and done you and Sarah should have a Frank vs. French. I suggest thumb wrestling. Start growing your thumb nail. :)

Rachel said...

Hmmmmmm Frank vs. French does have a nice ring to it. But you need to think about a more entertaining competition! ;)

Droucy said...

Okay, how about a 100 yard dash or throwing some hoops? You could also see who can stack blocks the highest. If Sarah is winning, knock her pile over. :)

Jay said...

Holy smokes, this is great stuff Rachel. Good job on Summer Lovin....who knew that voice was hiding in there. You guys have too much fun. Yesterday on the morning edition Jaciel, Eve, and Matt were learning to River that was worthwhile seeing. Take care.