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Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2009

Me (Rachel Frank) & FOX61 morning news reporter Jennifer Lahmmers, I loved my green bagel!

Almost the entire FOX61 news team attended the parade in Hartford so we were out in full force! Here's something funny my station doesn't want you to know...we were giving out mardi gras beads! It was hilarious. Only one out of 10 of the beads were actually green and the rest of them had large pendants with Greek Gods attached to them. All of us in the parade were told to be liberal with the distribution because we had 600 pounds to give away! Apparently 600 pounds go fast in a crowd of bead-hungry parade-goers because we ended up running out halfway. It was a little awkward just walking and waving, especially when some people turned their backs on us once they realized our stash had run out. But other people were great to interact with and seemed like they were having a blast. Here are some pics I stole from from Sarah French's blog!

We also distributed green bagels at the parade, but people were really more interested in the beads. Here I am with FOX61 weekend news anchor Sarah French!

Nicole Jacobs, me (Rachel Frank), Jennifer Lahmers, Sarah French, John Charlton (nice legs) & Narmeen Choudhury

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