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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here's Rachel Frank with the....Traffic Report??

Hey guys thanks for checking in! I have some exciting/scary news to report. Rachel Lutzger is getting married and our traffic fill-in in unable to work all the extra days. My news director asked me if I would be willing to do traffic a few days in the beginning of April.

Let me just tell you, I don't get anywhere without my GPS. I am one of those people who would follow my GPS off a cliff if it told me to drive in that direction. So my initial reaction was 'no thank you'! But then I thought about it. It's a new exciting challenge for me. If my news director has faith in me, why not give it a shot? I may even learn a few back roads in the process! He says it's all about personality...we'll see about that! Stay tuned for exact dates...I know you'll want to laugh at me!


Jay said...

Rachel....Glad I found the 61 blog. I'm an official follower. Wow, you're doing it all. We really miss you here in Allentown. Keep up the outstanding work.

Droucy said...

I'm already laughing. In all seriousness, you'll do GREAT and it'll be nice seeing you an extra few days on TV. GOOD GET 'EM GIRL!!!

Rachel said...

I miss you guys in the Lehigh Valley too! But...I like my new home here in Connecticut. I'm pretty much happy wherever I go. Thanks for finding me Jay!

Droucy...glad I could give you a laugh! You will have to watch and let me know how I do! Hehe.