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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Return of the 90s

Hmmm...that doesn't the same ring to it as 'Return of the Jedi'.  But this is the best I can do with the material I'm working with.

Looking for a hot day to spend at the beach? You have plenty of 90 degree days to choose from! Friday and Saturday remain dry with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the low 90s inland, mid to upper 80s for the shoreline.  I guess I should say “mainly” dry. An isolated shower is possible for one or two towns.  But the vast majority of us will not see one.  Showers and storms will finally have a chance to wet the ground on Sunday. although the day will not be a washout, Saturday looks better for outdoor plans. 
Sunday will be steamy too with the return of tropical moisture and humidity. The only reason I didn’t forecast 90 degrees or better on Sunday is because I think cloud cover could become more of a player.  Showers will likely keep temps down from their full potential too.

Before you complain about the heat, just remember how much you'll miss it when we're digging out after our next nor'easter.

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