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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Large Hail Today, Storms Return July 4th

I have never seen so many storms with large hail in Connecticut. Hail the size of ping pongs fell from Litchfield county down to Old Saybrook with a long duration supercell. Although other hail was reported across the state, that one storm was by far the meanest. Check out the path of hail reports below (everywhere you see the purple hail icon).

Although tomorrow will not be as humid, it’s still hot with temperatures in theupper 80s. Sunshine will stick around the next two days. But watch for storms to redevelop just in time for the fourth of July. Morning clouds and showers will break for sun. The more sun we get in the afternoon, the better chance we have of seeing severe weather. So keep that in mind when you planning for the holiday. Mother Nature might be making her own fireworks. I know. That was a horrible weather joke.


New London Roofing Contractor said...

I will have to see if some of the roofs got damaged in the area, wouldn't surprise me. Doesn't happen much in Connecticut, but the Size hail will damage cars and roofs

mnice2u22 said...

Hail will really do in your roof. The hail knocks the granules off the shingles, causing the asphalt mat of the shingle to be exposed. Once exposed to the UV rays of the sun the asphalt mat will crack and warp, your roof is done.