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Monday, February 18, 2013

Really? Rain?

Hard to believe after a bitter cold start to the week, but rain will be falling from the sky Tuesday afternoon! Southwesterly winds will pump in milder air with temps returning to the 40s.  Any morning sunshine will fade behind increasing clouds as a cold front approaches.

Showers will develop in the mid to late afternoon with rain around for the evening commute. Rain could mix in with a touch of snow Tuesday night before the front moves out. Colder, blustery conditions return Wednesday. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah...there is a CHANCE for a storm on Saturday. One of our american models has latched onto the idea.  AND the NAO is going negative which helps our chances for snow.  But I'm not convinced yet.  So much in the atmosphere can change between now and this weekend.  AND the Euro has this whole mess staying to our south with another glancing blow.  Don't worry about it for now.  That's my job.

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