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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little Snow, Big Snow

Round two!  One batch of snow moved out this morning and now another one is moving in. Light snow will continue off and on this evening.  A fresh coating of snow is possible.  Watch for slippery spots for the commute tomorrow.

This morning's European Computer Model. Sat AM
Early snow and clouds will clear away, revealing partly to mostly sunny skies.  Temperatures will moderate a bit in the afternoon with highs approaching 40 degrees in some towns. Thursday is cooler but quiet. A significant storm is becoming increasingly likely for Friday.

Two storms will be trekking across the country on Thursday. The storm in the Great Lakes is weak but lacks moisture.  The storm in the Gulf coast has tons of moisture but no cold air.  Combine the two?  And you have the ingredients for a biggie.  The resulting low will likely develop off the Mid Atlantic coast Friday morning. If the European model is right, snow starts to break out in the morning, becoming steadier and heavier during the afternoon and evening. Winds will pick up, lowering visibility.  Oh and accumulations?  Don’t ask.  One computer model has us shoveling a foot or more by Saturday morning. The potential is there.  But there is still a fudge factor.  A shift in the storm’s track of just 50 miles could mean the difference between a foot of snow and a few inches.  What if the storms don’t phase? What if they take too long to phase?  Plus, if the storm tracks closer to New England, there could be some mixing along the Connecticut shore!

Here’s the take away.  Plowable snow is almost guaranteed at this point. BOTH commutes on Friday will be impacted.  And this could be the biggest snow storm we have seen in two years if everything “phases” just right.  We’ll keep you posted!

Tonight: Light snow. A fresh coating -1”. Low: 20s
Tomorrow: Early snow, turning partly to mostly sunny, breezy, not as cold. High: 35-40
Tomorrow night: Mostly Clear. Low: teens
Thursday: Cooler, partly cloudy. High: Near 30
Friday: Light morning snow, becoming steadier and heavier. Windy. High: Near 30
Saturday: Snow ending pre-dawn. Mostly sunny. High: Near 30 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this doesn't sound like fun Friday/Friday Night .. could make for hunkering down weather Thursday.

Extra bad when it seems everyone agrees we're getting something just how much.

I'll side no snow and move South..


John W
Southington, CT