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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard of 2013...Epic!!!!

We said this storm might be historic. But even I'm impressed.  We called for 1'-2' with locally higher amounts.  Well...1'-3' might be more accurate by tomorrow morning. This is a 100 year event.  You may never live to see another storm like it!

Snow totals are smashing the Blizzard of '78!

National Weather Service plotted snowfall reports (obviously some are outdated)
It's 1:15 AM.  I'm at work and there's no chance of getting home tonight.  But that's OK.  Who could sleep at a time like this?

Remember the worst case scenario? The models that were predicting 2 feet with locally higher amounts?  This is it.

I have no idea how anyone is going to measure how much snow is on the ground. The wind is whipping up drifts 5'-6' tall.  No joke.  They're taller than me outside the TV station in Hartford.

Gusts peaked early in the storm at 60 mph in Groton.  Gusts to 40-45 were common in the rest of the state. As of 1:57 AM there are only 33,000 power outages. This is no October, 2011 in that department.  GOOD!  Because temps Saturday night will be dropping into the single digits!

I'd love to say something deep and profound about how this storm came together but I'm too busy watching the radar in awe!  To be continued....


Anonymous said...

how do you find out the official total from bradley? is that only released after the storm is over? im curious if we already know if this takes the #1 spot for snowfall. based on measuring in my yard, we're tied at 24 inches.

Dresden said...

Just measured 26" in Avon at 2:30am...we got 5" in the last hour!

Anonymous said...


From the pics I sent you those drifts are easily 4-5' and the average must be around 26-28" maybe more by now. Southingotn's Town Manager sent the Town plows home at 9PM and they'll return about 4AM I think they are in for a BIG surprise. on 156 miles of road.

That funny model that Joe showed earlier in the week with the giant totals isn't far off said naa but I have to sow it in case.. well...

Keep warm toasty, throw on an extra pot - o - coffee ,, long night ahead. .


John W
Southington CT