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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Frank Vs. French

I won the Superbowl picks this year. Sarah was nice enough to recognize the win live on-air tonight. But really, it's purely dumb luck that I won! Check out Sarah's Blog!

OK so what's going on with this upcoming storm? Do I have any hair left? Because I have been ripping it out for 4 days now! This storm on Mon-Wed keeps flip flopping. Every model has a different solution. But I'll give you my gut feeling here on this blog (stuff I would not normally say on-air because it's too risky)

It looks like there will be two storms. The first one will pass well offshore Monday night into Tuesday, bringing us nothing more than a few snow showers with little or no accumulation. It’s a secondary low that could develop off the coast of the Carolinas on Tuesday afternoon that has me more concerned. The computer models show this storm taking two different tracks. One right along the coast, and another, out to sea (swimming with the fishes) so to speak. Although things can still change, my gut feeling is that this is more of an offshore event with light snow accumulations on the order of several inches (1-3" or so Mon night through Wed morning). BUT (you knew that was coming) it certainly bears watching because a shift in just a couple hundred milles west could make a big difference in this storm's outcome. Wish me luck forecasting! I'll need it this time around! Luckily I can take a break tomorrow because I'll be reporting!

Here's my favorite website with the latest computer models:
Penn State E-Wall

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Droucy said...

Not too bad of a guess on the score either. Has anyone noticed in the video that whoever did the graphic made a graphic for Superbowl 44? OOPS!