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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Storm Forecast

A nor'easter threatens to bring the state 6"-12" of snow accumulation. Snow will develop Sunday night, coming down heavy at times into Monday morning. Some sleet will mix in and that may hold down accumluations in the southeastern corner of the state (like Groton). Most of the heavy snow will be out of here early Monday morning. But the roads will still be terrible. That's why I think for many kids (maybe even the whole state) it will be a snow day! I know all my teachers out there are happy to hear that!

The high end of the range (12") is most likely in the northeast hills. Any questions about the forecast? Just ask by posting a comment below.


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Honestly, your forecast was perfect. Right on the money. Other stations kept changing their numbers but FOX stayed consistant and nailed it. Kudos to you and the team!