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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hamster Mug Shot

Just to be clear, there's nothing funny about Molly Bish's disappearance. There's something undeniably hilarious, however, about WFSB3 broadcasting a photo of a hamster instead of the suspect's mug shot. Hey, stuff like this happens on live TV! Kudos to Cara for staying cool under pressure. I would not have been as smooth....


Rick-WH said...

While it happens to everyone, it is sweeter when the blooper happens to someone else, and not yourself. The best is when it happens to an anchor on a competing station. Do they teach you how to deal with this type of situation? Cara seemed to do okay with this.

Rachel said...

I think she handled it VERY WELL. No one can teach you how to act in a situation just like this. I guess you kind of learn through experience. I feel bad when this stuff happens. Because someone's mistake made her look bad when she didn't do anything wrong. Do you think it's rude of me to post this story?