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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photoshoot With Sarah French

We still don't know why they wanted us to do a photoshoot together. They even made us do Charlie's Angel pics! Too funny! Sarah is the weekend anchor with me on FOX61. A great addition to the team. There's only one problem....everyone always gets us mixed up!


Droucy said...

So where are the pictures Sarah? :)

Brian said...

Lookin good... you should definitely cut them out and make a flip book. That's what I would do. But in all seriousness... hotties for sure.

DJ Montalbano said...

Too funny! Somehow I can see the Charlie's Angels pics posted in the FOX61 office somewhere! haha!

Droucy said...

You and Sarah could autograph some pictures, sell them, and then donate the money to charity. The two of you look beautiful.

andizee said...

love the serious ones...u can look like a real devil but i know better!

Garland said...

oh they are definately both hot, but Sarah is just stunning