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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gambing in Atlantis...With the Weather!!

So my best friend got married last weekend in Atlantis, YAY! Of course when you go to the Bahamas you picture crystal clear blue skies and temps in the 80s. Well...think again! I warned my mom and sister there was a BIG TIME trough over North America and sure enough it was cold and yucky (very complicated meteorological term). OK, wasn't single digits like it was here in Hartford but upper 60s with overcast, drizzle, and gusts to 30 is not so pleasant when you're in a bikini!!

Kim wanted to have the wedding and reception outside, but opted to move the reception indoors at the last moment. Turns out it was a great move. You can see how windy it was by looking at her veil!!! (Good thing I secured it with bobby pins taken directly from my own hair...I'm a good bridesmaid, what can I say) Anyway, even with the wind, it was still a gorgeous wedding and we had a blast.

Now it's back to the grind! Back to the REAL cold. Don't you just love temps in the 20s? Take me back to the Bahamas, please?!?

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David Noto said...

Take me back too!!!