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Monday, January 26, 2009

Like A Broken Record...ANOTHER Snowstorm

Here we go again! What a winter this has been so far. I am personally excited for the storm because I just bought an anemometer, and I can't wait to use it on my live shots Wednesday morning. I usually go live from the roof right outside the studio which is good because that means I will not have to stand on the side of the road where cars are slipping and sliding around. It's also convenient to be on the roof because I can run inside after the live shot to warm my bones. All the hits are 100% unscripted meaning they are pretty stressful because you really have to think on your toes.

Anyway, you're probably not checking this blog to read about live want to know about the forecast! What do I look like, a Meteorologist? (That's my new favorite joke, sorry) Right now it looks like the storm will arrive in Connecticut just after midnight Tuesday with a blast of snow. The snow can come down heavy at times making the morning commute slick and slow. Then there will be a changeover to sleet and/or freezing rain. I expect a line to bisect Connecticut from southwest to northeast. Locations along the shoreline will see around 2-4" of snow and then some ice on top of that. Inland, the changeover will take a little longer so I'm expecting more snow around 3-7". If this storm track shifts more to the south, that would put us in the cold sector of the storm, causing more snow and less sleet/freezing rain. So this storm will need to be CLOSELY monitored. Of course, as always, I'll keep you posted--literally! Also be sure to catch my live shots on the FOX61 Morning news starting at 4:30 AM! Have a great night! Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

will we have a snow day for school

Rachel said...

I can't say because that's up to the superintendent of your school district. The roads will be bad tomorrow morning, so I have a feeling many schools will be cancelled.