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Friday, November 16, 2012

Quiet Stretch In November

Leonids in Connecticut November, 2009
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After Sandy and November snow, we deserve a little peace and quiet in the weather department!

After a few days of filtered sun, the clouds are moving out!  Clear skies tonight will create ideal conditions to view the Leonid meteor shower. Under ideal conditions, one can watch 10-20 meteors per hour.

 The Leonid meteor shower occurs every year when the earth passes through debris from the comet Tempel Tuttle. Look to the eastern sky after midnight.  Meteors will appear to radiate out of the constellation Leo (hence the name Leo-nids).  As a bonus for viewing, the crescent moon will have set in the west before the peak.

Now onto the weekend forecast.  Trust me, you’re going to like it. Sunshine will be hard at work tomorrow boosting the temperature to 50 degrees in some towns (hey, we’ll take it). Sunday will be a carbon copy with blue skies. A few more puffy clouds will mix in with the sun on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.  Dry roads are in the forecast for Thanksgiving travel plans.  Even if you’re flying somewhere, most of the country will remain dry with little or no weather related travel days! 

12Z Euro looking at Wednesday morning.
Rain/snow in the Pacific NW but dry
EVERYWHERE ELSE? What are the chances of that?

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