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Sunday, November 11, 2012

One More Mild Day!

You don't need a meteorologist to find the cold front
heading this way!
Great weather for the Veterans today with temperatures soaring through the 60s!  This felt especially mild after our early taste of winter. We get one more warm day to enjoy with before a cold front brings us back to reality.

Tonight temperatures will drop into the 40s with patchy fog and low clouds developing.

Low clouds and fog will burn away revealing partial sunshine tomorrow.  In some towns, the clouds may not break until the afternoon. Temperatures will climb into the low to mid 60s.  A cold front will bring clouds and scattered showers on Tuesday, followed by cooler weather for the middle and end of the week.  Temperatures will get stuck in the 40s Wednesday and Thursday.  But at least the weather will cooperate with lots of sun!

The ECMWF (European Center for Medium range Weather Forecasting) is one of the computer models we love right now in the weather center because it continues to out forecast our American models. Hear that NWS?  We have some catching up to do!  Anyway, the Euro is showing the potential for another nor'easter by the middle of next week.  Snow? Rain?Right now rain is more likely but it's too early to make that call. The storm could disappear entirely by then. But if the storm remains in the forecast for a week and a half, it could cause problems for travels around Thanksgiving.
The Euro for next Wednesday morning.

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