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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Weather Channel Starts Naming Winter Storms

Ugh.  Two sets of fake storm names this winter? I cringe thinking about the confusion this will cause.  Last year CL&P officials were calling the October Nor'easter Alfred, a name made up by WFSB. This year's "A" storm is Athena.  What will WFSB call it?  The government names tropical storms.  NOT winter storms.

To answer your question, no.  You'll never hear me talking about winter storm Gandolf unless I'm trying to be cute while watching Lord Of The Rings.  And Draco? I can't say the name without conjuring up an image of quidditch.

What is the criteria for naming these storms?  Who gives The Weather Channel the right to name them? Thoughts, anyone?

For a laugh check out this list of rejected winter storm names that are lighting up twitter

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TR said...

Can you really name someone or something "Q"?