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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Miss Connecticut Night Two

Second night in and I'm already starting to get to know some of the girls.  I'm normally a nervous wreck before big public speaking enagements.  (I can't actually SEE the people watching me on TV on a nightly basis.) But tonight I'm more nervous for the ladies!  They all put so much hard work into the scholarship competition. I have my favorites...even though I'm not supposed to.

Here is a pic of me with Miss CT 2011(far right), Miss Outstanding Teen 2011 (far left) and the winners after the preliminary competition.

I can't actually see the people in the audience because the lights are so bright.  So it's really hard to picture them naked.

Thanks again to Crowning Touch Salon in New Bedford, MA for the dress and Brian Fortin for doing my makeup and styling my hair (both the real and the fake curly extensions).

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