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Monday, June 4, 2012

Slow Improvement

Cool, raw, soggy, blah. What happened to June? The average high temperature on June 4th is 77 degrees. Today we got stuck in the 50s.

 But don’t blame your friendly meteorologist. A stubborn upper level storm has slammed the brakes on the northeast and continues to churn up unsettled weather. Although showers will remain in the forecast through Friday, each day offers slow improvement.

Tonight temperatures will drop into the 40s inland, near 50 along the shoreline with a few lingering showers. A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for the western Long Island Sound. This has nothing to do with the rain. But a steady northeast wind has been piling water into the Long Island Sound. That effect combined with astronomically high tide will cause tidal departures up to 1 ¾ greater than normal. This will result in some very minor flooding along the immediate shoreline.

Tomorrow remains mostly cloudy. You may see a few intervals of sunshine. But if that happens, consider it a bonus. Grey is the overwhelming color of the day. Even though most of the day will stay dry, keep your umbrella handy with some scattered showers.

Wednesday through Friday look much better with steady improvement. Each day will feature some sun to start followed by afternoon pop up showers and storms. Temperatures will slowly rebound through that time as well, returning to the 70s Thursday and Friday.

A return to summer warmth is less than a week away. Right now the weekend looks toasty with temperatures in the 80s and early next week could be a scorcher.

For my fellow geeks: Check out the feed of moisture from the tropics directly into New England today!

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