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Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Hosting Miss Connecticut!

I just finished the first night of preliminaries including competitions in fitness, evening gowns, interviews, talent...this is intense!  I don't envy the pressure these girls are under!  Katie Stevens made a surprise appearance last night.  I guess the American Idol star was a runner up for Miss Outstanding Teen a couple of years ago.

These women sure know how to strut their stuff on stage! Walking around in a swimsuit at the beach is tough enough, but to do it in front of an audience takes

The Crowning Touch Salon in New Bedford, MA provided my attire last night.  They brought two garment bags full of dressses.  There was just one problem.  None of them fit me.  Note to self, don't watch a YouTube video on how to take your own measurements.  Apparently I told them I had JLo's booty. A girl can dream, can't she? We still made it work.  Thank you Marla for helping to pin me in all the right spots so I didn't fall out of the dress! On the final night of compeition I'll be channeling my inner Lady Gaga. 

Brian did my hair and makeup...Yes, I'm under all those eyelashes! Apparently my sister showed this pic to my grandparent's last night and there response was "who is that?"

The ladies taught me how to pose pageant style.  One leg in front of the other (the leg on the side of the slit).  Hand on your hip. I borrowed "pageant shoes" from Morgan Amarone, Miss CT 2011.  What are pageant shoes you ask?  After intense study, I have concluded that they're just classy low profile platforms.  Very comfy. Oh and the dangly earrings are clip ons.  They don't hurt until you take them off and the blood rushes back into your ears.  Pain is beauty.


Chucky_Dee said...

Fascinating except I think you mean "Crowning Touch..." not "Crowing"...

Rachel said...

Ha! Thanks....and did I sense a little sarcasm there?

Chucky_Dee said...

Oops sorry you are only 8 for 28 on sarcasm this month, not 9 for 28! My apologies - new month! No sarcasm intended though I was thinking "Crowing" would imply 'only the winners' shop there...Naming has been tough since Geo. Eastman came up with "KODAK" :-)