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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Connecticut Legend Dies. Rest In Peace Dr. Mel

I did not know Dr. Mel personally. But I feel like I do. Don't we all feel like we know people that we watch from our living room?

Joe Furey, who is one of my mentors, was mentored by Dr. Mel. A few times Joe would teach me something that Dr. Mel taught him. So I guess Dr. Mel was teaching me indirectly. Joe says he was an incredibly smart man. I could tell by watching his forecasts. Everyone could.

On the News at 4 Joe Furey shared stories about his friend.

I'm not sure you can say he lost his battle to cancer. From what I heard, Dr. Mel was given a death sentence a long time ago. He beat the odds and survived another 16 years. He gave that cancer one hell of a fight.

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