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Friday, January 20, 2012

Biggest Storm So Far This Winter!

The biggest storm of the year is on the way, although that’s not saying much!!

Timing: 3-7 AM snow begins, heavy at times through noon-1PM. Snow will stick to the roads immediately. Even salted roads are no match for temps in the teens! Snow ending Mid-late afternoon.

Accumulations: 3”-6” of a light powdery snow. Locally higher amounts are possible because of the fluff factor. I wouldn’t be surprised if southern CT picked up a little more than far northern CT (the opposite of what usually happens).

Bottom Line: No matter how much snow falls, make tomorrow a movie/book reading/house cleaning day. The roads will be snow covered and slippery. And I forsee many accidents when I look into my crystal ball. A breeze will cause low visibility out on the roads.

Tomorrow Night: You don’t have to cancel plans. The snow will be done but the plows will still be catching up and hard at work clearing the snow.

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