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Saturday, January 21, 2012

2"-10" Of Snow, Jackpot In Southern CT

I'm on a computer at my grandparent's house in Las Vegas. I left out of Newark this morning on one of the few flights that actually got off the ground! I should be spending time with my family. I haven't seen them in one year. But I couldn't shake my anxiety. I had to check up on snowfall totals.

This was one of the few occasions southern Connecticut received more snow than the northern half of the state! Southern CT picked up 4"-10" of snow with northern CT getting just 2"-4". I feel good about the forecast timing and impact of the storm. I don't feel as good about the forecast snow accumulations. And even though I beat myself up about this, I have to remind myself that there are limitations in weather forecasting.

Just like it’s impossible to tell the exact path of an individual thunderstorm in the summertime more than an hour or two ahead of time, snowstorms also have regions of higher and lower snow-making potential within the larger system that can only be tracked in real time. Looking at the radar during the storm, it was obvious southern CT was going to get the jackpot with heavy bands of snow. Looking back, I don't think any computer model nailed the forecast.

Here are some of the National Weather Service snowfall reports! Enjoy the snow and I'll be back in Connecticut for the next one! Time to go spend time with my family. Speaking of southern CT hitting the jackpot...hopefully I'll hit the big one here in Vegas. Sorry, I couldn't resist.


DorisC said...

I love it Rachel! I asked for snow in Old Saybrook, and boy of boy did you deliver! LOL It is just beautiful outside. Enjoy your stay with your family!

Cooking with Tammi said...

Hey there enjoy your time with your family. I am so glad Litchfield County did not get much. Hope you hit that Jackpot in Vega