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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Bit Of Snow...Compared to 24" Last Year!

The northwest hills received a coating to 1"-2" of snow with a few spots recording 3" at the very highest elevations. A few other towns in northern CT also picked up a coating to an inch. Although other areas inland may have seen a brief mix, everyone changed over to rain this morning. Rain will come down heavy at times with lightning, thunder and gusty winds. Here are some of the NWS snowfall reports.

Litchfield County
Winsted: 2.6"
New hartford: 2.0"
Bakersville: 1.6"

Hartford County
North Granby: 3.1"
West Hartland: 3.0"
Burlington: 1.5"
Collinsville: 1.1"


Tolland: 1.3"
Staffordville: 1.1"

Check out these snowfall totals compared to the ones we received last year on this day! Here's a link to my blog from last year to refresh your memory. We made the history books, setting a new record snowfall in Windsor Locks, one of our climate sites in Connecticut. Windsor Locks scored 24.0”. This beat the previous record of 21.9” which occurred February 12, 2006. The event also set a new record for greatest daily snowfall!

This pic was taken last year from Joe in Stratford. Remember we had so much on the ground, we were running out of places to put it all!After the rain tapers to a close, we will undergo a stair-step plunge back into winter, losing about 10 degrees per day until Sunday. That’s when the forecast calls for high temperatures in Hartford of 22 degrees, OUCH!!! If all goes as expected, Sunday would be only the second day so far this month with a high temperature below the freezing point. The cold will not last forever. Temperatures flirt with 40 again early next week.

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