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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Small Quick Hitting "Storm"

Should I even call this next one a storm? Last year this "storm" would just be a hiccup compared to the feet of snow from our barrage of January nor'easters.

Our weather will remain during the DAY tomorrow with highs in the 30s. Morning sunshine will fade behind increasing clouds. This is a quick hitter. Right now it looks like the snow will start around or just after the evening commute. So head home from work as early as possible just in case. Remember, people forget how to drive in the snow! Snow will be over by Friday morning but there will still be some slippery spots and some school delays are possible (sorry kids, you'll still have school after this one).

Most of the state is getting 1"-2" of snow, with up the 3" possible in higher elevations tomorrow night.

We have another chance for snow on Saturday. If it's just snow as the GFS predicts, we could get 2"-6" of accumulation. But the NAM and EURO show some mixing which would keep accumulations lower in the 1"-4" range. No matter what falls, Saturday is not looking like a fun day to play outside. Right now Monday's event looks like more of a wintry mix then another snow storm. But I'll watch everything and keep you posted! least we've got SOMETHING to follow after this quiet and mild winter!

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Dresden said...

exactly 2" here in Simsbury...keep it coming!