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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cool, Mild....Then COLD Next Week

A fast moving storm will glide well to the south and east of Connecticut tonight.  But we might get grazed by a few snow showers.   The radar is deceiving.  It looks like snow is falling all over the state. So why isn’t it reaching the ground?  Dry air.  While there is snow falling from the clouds, the flakes evaporate before reaching the ground.  Meteorologists call this virga, one of my favorite weather words.  Over time, the layer of dry air will erode, allowing snow to fall all the way to the ground.  Areas south and east of Hartford could see a period of light snow or flurries tonight with a dusting possible.  Extreme southeastern Connecticut could get up to an inch (Stonington, Ledyard, Groton).  But I’m not impressed.

Sunshine returns tomorrow.  But the bright sunshine will also prove deceiving.  Temperatures will struggle through the 20s this afternoon.  But the cold air doesn’t last long.  A warm front on Saturday will bring milder temps in the low to mid 40s. Then a strong arctic front on Sunday will send temperatures crashing. Looking at the forecast for next week will make your teeth chatter with highs in the 20s (or colder) and overnight lows in the single digits. I see big cold in our near future but no big storms….yet.

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