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Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Labor Day Weekend

Red Cedar Lake, Lebanon
The lake is so small, the people who gave us directions, didn't even know it had a name. (Google maps told us otherwise). But this hidden gem was a perfect way to pass the time on this unofficial "last weekend of summer".  I have a horrible confession to make. I didn't put sunscreen on my legs in a last ditch effort to get some color.  And I did.  I'm red.

I went to the beach with a new friend Lauren and her husband Andrew.  Lauren, A.K.A Lonnie is a baking enthusiast. And on the way to the beach I had a chance to check out her cooking blog. The recipe for banana bread was calling my name today so I made my first loaf!  Can you tell how proud I was?

Delicoius!  And a little overcooked.  But not bad for my first attempt! Tomorrow I run the Stratton-Faxon New Haven Road Race for the United Way.  Busy weekend (and I worked two out of three days)!


Anonymous said...

I sure looks great to me.

John M West said...

Hmm, none for me huh, my favorite both the bread and I encountered the lake when I worked in Hebron years back.. It is untouched beauty..

Glad you had a fun weekend -- you looked great getting warmed yup for the race this morning.


John W