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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tropical Downpours

So this is what a tropical rainforest feels like!  The leftover moisture from once Hurricane Isaac has infused our air with loads of moisture and energy. Any showers that develop tonight, tomorrow and early tonight are capable of torrential downpours and poor drainage flash flooding.  Although clouds will win out tomorrow, the sun might make an appearance at times allowing temperatures to climb into the low 80s. Thursday is partly cloudy and dry. Scattered showers are possible this weekend into early next week. 

Tropical Storm Leslie remains on a direct track to Bermuda.  The storm will likely effect Nova Scotia by this time next week.  But waves and surf are already affecting ocean facing beaches in New England.  The National Weather Service has already issued a High Surf Advisory for southern Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.  Waves tomorrow will be 5-8 feet.  Waves could get 10-15 feet south and east of Nantucket! Also, beware of rip currents. Surfers, get ready for some epic days on the water!  Experts only! 

This is a map of every recorded tropical storm that has crossed over Leslie’s current latitude and longitude.  You can do this yourself with any lat/lon.  Or you can enter your zip code! Historical Hurricane Tracks

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