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Friday, December 2, 2011

November Summary: Mild & Sunny!

November is notoriously cloudy. According to, a website that collects and charts climate data, November is “cloudy” or “mostly cloudy” 55% of the time. See below.
Not this year. This year the sky was cloudy only 30% of the time with 21 days spent partly cloudy or clear conditions.

This November was also very mild with an average high temperature of 57.2 degrees. We had 13 days in the 60s. And the average temperature was 4 degrees above average!

Precipitation was right around average with 3.81”. But the rain was concentrated with only five days recording over 0.03” of rain. So most of the month was dry!

This doesn’t mean anything about how we will spend our winter. A mild November doesn’t mean a mild December. In fact, sometimes Mother Nature usually finds a way to make sure everything balances out in the end.

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