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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dreaming Of A White X-Mas

Will we have a white Christmas? It's an age-old question that occurs to almost everyone this time of year. The National Climatic Data Center calculated the chance of a white Christmas by looking at a 30 year average from 1961-1990. I think their results are too high for Bridgeport and Hartford.

57% chance of an inch on the ground
27% chance of 3"
3% chance of 10"

30% chance of an inch on the ground
10% chance of 3"
0% chance of 10"

A 50/50 shot at a white Christmas in Hartford? And Bridgeport is white 3 out of 10 years? Hmmm...that doesn't seem right. Maybe the sample years were too cold. When I ran some calculations using, I got a 25% chance of a white Christmas in Hartford. That makes more sense. And Bridgeport has an 11% chance of at least some snow on the ground. Either way, it's not looking too good for us this year with no arctic air in sight. We could see a little snow next Wednesday in the higher elevations, but right now it doesn't look like enough to coat the ground. At this point we'll take what we can get!

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