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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Foliage, Not As Pretty This Year? BOO.

Enjoying the foliage last year.

The chill in the air today reminds us that fall is just days away! You can already see a few colors on the trees. But could the heavy, tropical downpours this season stifle some of the fall colors? According to a Courant article by Edmond Mahony, yes!

"All that moisture is nurturing the growth of molds that wither tree leaves and threaten to dull the seasonal explosions of color throughout hardwood forests."Apparently you can already see the beginning signs of mold in the form of brown spots on the leaves.

And along the shoreline salt spray from Irene have already "withered" leaves close to the water, ending the leaf season early.

I love fall in England. I was born and raised in NYC where I passed 3-4 trees on the way to school every day (if I was lucky). I will still go on the hikes and visit the scenic overlooks this autumn with my camera in tow. I'm sure the colors will still be beautiful, even if they're not as spectacular as most years.


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I enjoy your blog. Thanks Rach!