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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Irene's Aftermath: Pics

Downed trees, powerlines, river flooding, storm surge...WOW.  While many of you got lucky with little or no damage, Irene has changed the lives of some people living in Connecticut.  I took these pictures from  Click here to see more.
Milford ( Bettina Hansen ): A beachfront home was heavily damaged after Hurricane Irene ripped through the area Sunday, August 28, 2011 in Milford, Connecticut.

Cosey Beach Damage ( Cloe Poisson, Hartford Courant / August 29, 2011 ): Shayna Weinstein gets a hug from her dad, Andy Weinstein, as they prepare to leave what's left of their summer cottage (at left) on Cosey Beach in East Haven, that was destroyed by Tropical Storm Irene on Sunday. The storm, which completely flattened the house, struck on Shayna's 16th birthday. "It's the worst birthday I've ever had," she said. The Weinsteins live in Woodbridge.

Cosey Beach Damage ( Cloe Poisson, Hartford Courant / August 29, 2011 ): Piles of rubble are all that's left of a house along Cosey Beach in East Haven after Tropical Storm Irene barreled through the state on Sunday. About 20 homes were destroyed or severely damaged including this one in the center. The cottage at right, built in 1895, has been in the Auerbach family since 1943. The Auerbachs live in Woodbridge. The house is a total loss.

Hurricane Irene ( Patrick Raycraft, Hartford Courant / August 28, 2011 ) Jason Jorge, 10, surveys the flooding of his home (at top of photograph) in Southbury today. "We were two weeks away from moving back in," says Jason's mother Joanne Jorge. The same river basin flooded in March of this year when Jason and his family was displaced.

New Milford Housatonic (webstaffcourant) New Milford Housatonic Jim Tupko New Milford, CT

Storm surge from Hurricane Irene in Bridgeport ( MARK MIRKO/HARTFORD COURANT / August 28, 2011 ) A storm surge from Hurricane Irene covers the boardwalk at the Water Street Dock in Bridgeport.

Downed trees and utility wires in Chester ( Patrick Raycraft/Hartford Courant / August 28, 2011 ) Downed trees and utility wires completely blocked Route 154 North in Chester.

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