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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Slow Warming This Weekend, 70s Monday?!

High pressure will build over the region Friday, deflecting a nearby storm south of Connecticut. After a sunny start, some high clouds may filter into the sky, especially in the afternoon. A light southerly breeze, transporting air off the Long Island Sound will keep shoreline temperatures cooler than inland areas. I'm thinking 50-53 along the shore, 54-58 inland.

Saturday looks pleasant with some towns breaking into the low 60s. A warm front will cause clouds to increase on Sunday with clouds and some showers around. Look for 70s to return Monday! If everything pans out just right, my forecast high of 74 degrees could be TOO LOW!!

850 mb temps are 16 degrees on Monday. With perfect sunshine and a dry column of air, that's near 90 degrees when mixed down to the surface. Of course, those perfect conditions will not be there. But I just wanted to give you an idea of the airmass that will be in place! The record high on Monday is 79 degrees set back in 1955. We could take a run at that!

Hmmmm...looking back at this blog post, I seem to like exclamation points!!!!!!



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