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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Thoughts By Rachel Frank

After struggling with cooler temperatures early this summer, we finally hit the 90 degree mark August 10th and 11th! On an average year, Hartford hits 90 eighteen times. This year we hit 90 four times...I guess we still some catching up to do.

Watch my Grandfather (Boo) dancing to Rihanna. Then notice how my Nanny ignores him and keeps eating. We're pretty serious about food in our family! make sure you watch until the end.

Tropical Depression #2:

The 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season has been off to a slow start. Now it looks like activity is picking up. There are several tropical waves I'm watching. Tropical Depression #2 well out in the Atlantic may become Ana, the first named Tropical Storm of the season. Watch for a potential landfall in the US later next week...

Funniest e-mail of the day:
As a bit of background, I had to wear glasses today because I have a stye. Apparently the glasses were a hit because here is one of the e-mails I received. "The hair and glasses were smoking... I don't even know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow." Awesome! Maybe I should get painful pimples under my eyelids more often...

Stay Tuned:
I am editing a YouTube sketch comedy video about being a meteorologist. It's either going to be really funny OR you will never click on this blog again.

End stream of consiousness.


Anonymous said...

That's really awesome..great job..keep going..

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Droucy said...

Looks like your Grandfather is a bit spunky!!! Now we know where you get it from. Nice to see he thinks you're #1!!!