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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where's June? A Stalled Storm Is Stalling Summer!

With a big trof over the northeast, we have been trapped in a cool and wet pattern. A cut-off low pressure system has been spinning off the coast of southern New England. A cut-off low is (as it's name suggests) "cut-off" from the steering winds of the atmosphere known as the jetstream. Since this storm has no steering winds to move it along, it is literally stuck spinning up unsettled weather day after day! A stalled storm...stalling summer! But it looks like a piece of energy will finally give this storm the boot late tomorrow with summer heat returning Thursday and this time it's sticking around. Who is ready for the 80s?! I am! I am! OK back to being professional....

Here are some June stats (as of June 23):

Average June Temperature: 64.5 degrees
Departure From Avg: 3.0 degrees below normal
Total Rainfall: 5.74"
Departure from Avg: 2.85" above average
Snowfall: Just kidding! It's not that cold.

Cloudy, yes. Damp, yes. But here's the good news...according to Climate Data from the National Weather Service we are spending less money on air-conditioning! Cooling costs this June are 80% lower than they were last year at this time. If there's a silver lining...I'll always find it!

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Anonymous said...

yeah... that darn spinning weather system has been stalling our summer weather! ugh! but at least we'll have a break from all this gloomy weather soon! :-D