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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Did A Happy Dance Today

There's really nothing better than getting a pat on the back from your employer and co-workers. Last night was my first NEWS live shot at the station. Sure I can stick a ruler in the snow with the best of 'em during weather coverage. But covering a serious news story at the top of the show scares me! My body shakes and my brain runs through every nightmare scenario (what if my package doesn't run, what if I forget my lines, what if I sneeze, what if I say incorrect information, what if a half naked man starts dancing around me?). But when it's showtime, you take a breath and do the best you can.

I got so many nice complements from the higher ups at the station, I ended up doing a little happy dance when I got home today (I'll have to show you that some time). Then I started thinking (never good)...I just hope I can live up to the high expectations my station has now. What did I get myself into? I'm already nervous about my next assignment and I don't even have it yet! Worrying is my disease. I got it from someone in my family, I will not say any names (DAD).


Tom Murphy said...

Great job, Rachel!

Why didn't we see your face at the beginning?

"Sure I can stick a ruler in the snow with the best of 'em during weather coverage."
Funny writing, too!

Rachel said...

Hi Tom~

What do you mean?

"Why didn't we see your face at the beginning?"

Glad you enjoyed my writing! Thanks! :)