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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Traffic Day 1

I made it through 3 hours of traffic thanks to the miracle of post-its!! Joe Aguire from Clear Channel spoon fed me all the information which I jotted down on post-its stuck to the monitors surrounding me. Shhhhhhh....don't tell anyone.

Since this was kind of a boring blog post I decided to include a baby picture of me. Look in my hand, it's a clicker! I was practically born with a remote in my hand. Ha! In reality, I was actually snapping my own photos. Don't be fooled by my cute face, I was a little terror!


Jay said...

What a cutie...and the outfit it amazing. I think they're actually making a comeback....well in Connecticut anyway...And I can believe you were a little terror. After watching you on ch 69 when you were coaching 3rd base in that softball game especially...thanks for the chuckle. Jay

Droucy said...

After snickering and giggling at just seeing you this morning, I thought you did an excellent job. You seemed to rush through it though. Hopefully, the mics will be working better for you tomorrow. I hope they'll prank you at least once before you finish. Perhaps take down all your post it notes or throw up a Seattle, Washington map and let you figure it out. Sarah, are you reading this? Hint hint wink wink

Rachel said...

Ouch! I was hoping no one saw that! My mic died THREE times this morning. The most annoying part was that everyone assumed I forgot to turn it on. I kept saying, "it's not me" and they would give me yet another microphone only to discover it was a problem with the sound board. Come on! I was nervous enough as it is...Like I needed any more problems on my plate?

Traffic hits are only 30 seconds a piece unless there's an accident so I understand why you think I sounded rushed. About the Seattle map...Don't give Sarah any ideas!

Jay~ I can't believe you remember me as third base coach! HAHA...all I did was wave my arms like a crazy person until they benched me, LOL.