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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Geminid Meteor Shower & A Stormy Week Ahead

Our recent stretch of beautiful December weather is almost over! Enjoy two more dry days before then a series of storms threaten to bring winter weather Sunday through Wednesday of next week.

But before we get ahead of ourselves….the Geminid meteor shower peaks tonight!  This is considered the most impressive show of the year with up to 100 meteors an hour (under perfect conditions).  The meteor shower will pick up after 10 PM before peaking at 2 AM.  The new moon will set early, providing no light interference.  The sky will remain mostly clear for the majority of the evening with some high clouds possible late.  Look for the constellation Gemini, which can be found near Sirius (the brightest star in the sky).  The constellation will rise in the northeast. Bring a hot drink and a blanket to stay warm!  Temperatures will drop into the 20s inland, low 30s for the shoreline.

Friday will be slightly milder as temperatures flirt with 50 degrees in some towns! Satuday is about 10 degrees cooler in the wake of a cold front that will set the stage for winter weather. The first disturbance looks more like a nuisance event than anything else. Light snow starts Sunday morning inland before mixing in and changing over to rain. A light accumulation is possible. The shoreline will likely start and finish with rain.

Here’s where our forecasting confidence takes a big ol’ nosedive.  Do we get a break in the action Monday and Tuesday?  OR do several disturbances blend together with a few days of cold rain and an icy mix?  For now, I think Monday and Tuesday will serve as a little break before a bigger storm (nor’easter) develops on Wednesday. If this storm tracks close enough to us, this could end up being a heavy rain and wind event for us.  But there is a lot of uncertainty in the track and timing of this event.  So just keep an eye on the forecast for Wednesday in the coming days as we put the pieces to the puzzle together. 

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