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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Calm Before The Storm(s)

The next few days will be the calm before the storm…or storms.  Sunshine will mix with some high clouds again on Thursday with temperatures near average, in the low to mid 40s.  Friday is sunny and a little milder with some towns approaching the 50 degree mark.  Cooler air starts to move in Saturday, setting the stage for some winter weather.  There are several chances for a messy mix starting Sunday and lasting through Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

A disturbance on Sunday looks more like a nuisance event with light snow mixing in or changing to rain.  In fact this “storm” looks more wet than white. But a bigger nor’easter may be in the pipeline for the middle of next week.  This could be a long duration storm with more cold air available and higher snow potential.  Notice…I said potential. The timing and track of this storm is highly uncertain.  We’re still talking about something that’s about a week away and the computer models are all over the place. For now, keep an eye on the Tuesday-Wednesday timeframe.  Enjoy the tranquil weather and we’ll figure out the details soon enough. 

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