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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are You Rachel Frank?

Last week I was eating at the Blue Elephant in West Hartford on my dinner break. As I chowed down on my delicious (yet overpriced) chicken curry, I could see a group of High School boys running back and forth in front of the restaurant, giggling. Those were the good old days, I thought to myself as I rushed through the rest of my jasmine rice. I had to get back to work.

Finally, I put my fork down long enough to actually pay attention to the frenzy of activity outside the Thai restaurant.

A boy slowly walked facing the window with his face covered by a white paper sign: “R U RACHEL FRANK?” Then he took off running. I immediately smiled from ear to ear. I rushed outside, but the boys were gone. People were finally recognizing me? And do 15 year-olds watch the news? My head barely fit out of the restaurant door. I felt like a celebrity for 5 minutes.

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