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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jennifer Lahmers & James Bosworth Wedding

It was magical! There is no other way to describe it!

The wedding was at Tehama Golf Club, a private, invitation only sanctuary in the hills of Carmel, California. When you go there, you understand why owner Clint Eastwood visited and never left, purchasing the entire property. Deers gracefully dance around your car, unafraid as you drive down the winding road on the property. And I have realized that not all sunlight is created equal. You know that golden filter the sun casts on everything right before it sets? Well in Carmel it looks like the sun in setting all day. A golden haze shines on everything giving the lush green fields and mountains a surreal touch. The air is crisp, dry and tastes fresh and untouched. As a meteorologist, this next sight was especially cool to me. Below you, fog in the valleys floats and swirls like black ice in a cauldron at a childhood Halloween party. I kept thinking…DAMN, I am so lucky to be here.

GETTING READYIf a reality show filmed us prepping, hoping to find drama or Bridezilla moments, the show would be canceled. Jennifer was calm and sweet and genuinely excited for her big day. We got ready in a suite fit for a king. I mean…they had heated towel racks, enough said. Two hair and makeup artists came to beautify us. We ate food, took pics, drank mimosas, finished table arrangements, curled hair, and joked about how JLa would now have to be called JBo. By the way, Jennifer doesn’t take a bad picture. It’s really annoying.

Everything was going according to plan until I saw a man enter the room. JAMIE! The groom! The bridesmaids all sprung into alert mode, wrapping curtains around the bride who was getting ready outside. If he wanted to see her, he would have to get through us…a wall of three 110 lb blondes. Hey, we might be small but I wasn’t afraid to mess up my fake eyelashes if I had to. Jamie just went about his business, not understanding the gravity of the situation. “Just getting my tie”. Then he was gone. Crisis averted. Time flew. The wedding was about to start.


The wedding was a perfect length. NBC’s The Voice winner Javier Colon began with the song “Time After Time”. Then the bridesmaids began their walk down the aisle. Don’t walk too fast, smile, don’t fall. Why was I nervous? Even though I spent all afternoon with Jennifer and she still took my breath away walking down the aisle. Tears came to Jamie’s eyes. No pre fabbed vows at this wedding! But Jennifer did write her vows ahead of time because, as she joked, a journalist always needs her script!

Jennifer spoke about how she not only fell in love with Jamie, but also his two boys. The boys (already little men wise beyond their years) were involved in the ceremony too! Vials of sand from different local beaches and golf courses were presented to each member of the new family, representing their individuality. Then the sand is combined symbolizing unity. The sand can never be separated.

Then to end the wedding, “You may kiss the bride.” OK…was I watching a movie or something? Jamie dipped Jennifer back and…lets’s just say it was the most passionate wedding kiss I’ve ever seen! The flower girl covered her eyes (see pic above) and Jennifer gasped and held her veil to make sure she wasn’t falling apart during the whole production.


Dress: 1. Bridesmaides: 0.

Let me explain. Javier Colon was prepared to sing for the couple’s first dance. But after winning the voice, his schedule got a little tight. The first dance needed to happen ASAP so Javier could catch a flight back to NYC to record an album. What kind of an excuse is that? ;) With the rush, the bridemaids had no time to bustle Jenn’s 45 pound flowing dress. The result was initially horrifying. Jamie and Jennifer danced, while kicking the dress between dips and twirls. Please don’t fall. Please don’t trip. But it was actually endearing. I think someone got the whole dance on camera. It’s so funny, I’m thinking this could go viral.

Overall, the event was magical. Here I am with some of my best friends, in Clint Eastwood’s resort, in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen, watching two people start the rest of their lives together.


Jenn Bosworth said...

I just saw this... love you!

Rachel said... YOU!